Wilson Creek Farm

The Ware River Circle of King’s Daughters and Sons is planning its 25th Christmas Open House for Tuesday, December 9, in honor of the circle’s $111,000 total giving since 1984 to the Children’s Hospital of Kings Daughters (CHKD). This year’s theme, “A Whimsical Wilson Creek Christmas” has the perfect setting at Wilson Creek Farm. The 1870’s cypress-sided house sets on a 150 acre estate consisting of a ten acre home site having sweeping lawns, lovely waterfront views and ample space for a pool, pool house and boat house.

Wilson’s Creek history dates back to an original land grant to the Throckmortons and a pre-Revolutionary home in Gloucester. Located at the fork of Wilson Creek, a tributary of Ware River, the current residence was built by a Northern industrialist over a foundation dating to the 18th century. An original 1800’s locomotive bell from the Pennsylvania railroad is still in use to summon children to meals.

While maintaining the historical integrity of the house , current owners, Herbert and Marian Fitzgerald have tapped the whimsical decorating style in pink and green palette highlights, giving their home an inviting cottage ‘feel’ with elegant architectural detail. Ten-foot ceilings with enormous windows provide sweeping views of the landscape and water. Covered in London Designers Guild wallpaper with a little silver leaf, the 40-foot long entry hall provides a grand setting to receive numerous guests and allows an easy flow to the porch overlooking the river.

Antique European parlor furnishings mixed with comfortable pieces offers the entire Fitzgerald family numerous settings for family interaction and relaxation. The library features an extensive collection of books about Virginia. The 14 foot custom dining room table, made from 18th century siding allows for entertaining of extended family and friends. A 60 foot screened porch provides an additional dining area and sitting area for entertaining and river watching. Off of the master bedroom, a sleeping porch offers a quiet retreat overlooking the lawn and water.

Christmas Open House guests will appreciate the plantings and water views as they stroll to the pool house. The pool house features unique wallpapering with crisp,, comfortable, furnishings. The antique large French wall clock is always set for a good time (actually, it’s the time the owners were married). Featured there for the Open House will be several gingerbread houses built by Gloucester County school children who participated in the “Kids Helping Kids” project.
Hours for the Open House are: 12 – 1 p.m., 1:30 – 2:30 p.m., 3:00 – 4:00, and 4:30 – 5:30. Proceeds of the event will benefit the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters and the Ronald McDonald House.

Festivities will include hors d’oeuvres buffet with champagne punch especially prepared and contributed by members of the WRKDS circle. Christmas floral arrangements, designed by WRDKS members will be special attraction throughout the house. Additionally, event sponsors and vendors will be featured in the community.

The Christmas Open House is the WRKDS primary source of income.
Donation is $25. Checks should be made payable to WRCKD. Tickets are limited to 125 guests per session. Tickets are available at Green Gates at Gloucester Point, from the Silver Box, at Gloucester Courthouse or Design Cents on Main Street in Mathews. Also, tickets may be purchased from any member of WRCKDS or by calling Sue Hewitt at (804)241-2757.

The Committee Chairs are: Event Chairpersons: Pat Davis and Julie Stone ; Ticket Chair: Sue Hewitt, Co-chair: Martha Rhodes; Food Chair, Jane Smith, Co-Chair Patty Rosenberg; Printing – Tickets and Posters Chair: Nancy Dwoyer, Publicity Chair: Carol Negus, Co-Chair Charlotte Martin; Photography Chair: Sandy Geiger; Decorating Chair: Tina McManus; Hostess Chair: Eva Mullins and Co-Chair Darlene Talbott; Parking Chair: Ann Brown, Co-Chair Karen Williams; Signs Placement: Sharon Diaz.; Beverage Chair: Marianne Bowles, Co-Chair Jean Johnson; Cleanup Chair: Nancy Dwoyer, Co-Chairs Susan Jenkins and Zealon Stilley; Vendors: Chairperson: Margie Borden and Co-Chair: Leslie Belvin; Gingerbread Houses: Chair: Bobby Ray.


The KDS is an interdenominational Christian service organization. It is comprised of approximately 5000 members, with approximately 250 members under the age of 18. The membership is primarily located in the United States and Canada, although it is not limited to these countries. Their focus is to lend a hand in service to others as taken from Mark 10:45, “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.”

The Ware River Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons has 80 + members and is one of a group of Circles forming a “branch” of KDS. The circle was organized March, 1896 embracing three-fold purpose of the national organization: educational, philanthropic and religious.

The KDS is comprised of several Branches, and various members of these Branches are elected by membership to hold positions as International Executive Officers. The International Headquarters is located in Chautauqua, New York.

Members of The King’s Daughters and Sons support and/or own/run hospitals, homes for the elderly, thrift shops, and child care centers. Some members provide scholarships to those in the health fields, those mastering in divinity, to Native American Indians, and to those living outside of the US or Canada who choose to study in their own countries. Members contribute to various causes locally and world-wide.

Thank you for supporting your Community and the King’s Daughters and Sons Mission!

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