Oh my! It hasn’t even been a week since we posted that tickets to our upcoming award winning wine walk were on sale–we decided to discount the first 50 and you all have NOT disappointed!– We are pleased to announce that those discounted tickets are ALMOST COMPLETELY SOLDOUT!!!

We know you want to attend, YOU know you want to attend so what are you waiting for??! This is already a great deal but why not get an even better deal–go on and get your tickets today right here.

This year’s event on Thursday, June 14 from 4p-8p will allow you to enjoy: Boutiques, Bubbles & Beautiful Artwork! You will be able to taste 13 wines at 9 locations.

Take in the great specials the store will have for you as you sip, then as you  stroll, from store to store,  you will see first hand how bloomin’ beautiful the daffodil mural by Detroit Muralist, Louise Chen will be!

Participating locations are:

Vashti’s Jewelers (check-in location)
Stewart Gallery
The Silver Box
Up South
Smith’s Florist
Northern Neck Popcorn Bag
The Nines Pet Boutique
Gloucester Arts On Main (check-in location)

All wines tasted will be available for purchase at Kelsick Specialty Market. (And don’t worry fellas, if every type of wine isn’t your thing, well Kelsick has you covered with some free beer tastings!)–You can thank them when you see them!

Check-in starts at 330 pm and runs until 7 pm.

Bring a friend, two, or five!–No one likes to WINE alone!

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