Bay Transit is seeking input for a potential fixed transit route in the Courthouse. Pictured below is a map of the potential Route. The meeting will be the Wednesday after Memorial Day – May 28th at 8 am at the Main Street Preservation Trust’s event space in the Main Street Center (6894 Main Street- to the right of the Dollar General) to get input from local businesses and service providers along the potential route and to discuss the proposed potential stops.

Bay Transit wants to hear from the community and businesses regarding the fixed route and wants it to be a success for all involved – the riders and the businesses and services that they serve. They provide similar services in other locations on the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck and can answer many of the questions you may have about how the service would work in the Courthouse Area.

In order to get an idea of how many people to expect, please RSVP to the Laura Lutinski in the Planning and Zoning Office t 693-1224.

Bay Transit Proposed Fixed Bus Route

Bay Transit has been granted additional funding from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation for expanding transportation services within our region. Several sources have suggested that the Gloucester Courthouse Area would benefit greatly from expanded service.

Bay Transit and Gloucester County, is considering a fixed route service along the Main Street corridor. This would travel the same area for a set time period and make regular stops at appointed times at the same bus stop locations, similar to what occurs in most urban areas. The goal is to provide reliable transportation service in the courthouse area during midday business activity, increasing economic activity, and overall transportation efficiency within the county. There may be future opportunities to increase and expand this type of fixed route service in other areas.

These stops could fluctuate or change as need or demand changes. There have been other suggested stops, such as Social Services, Probation/Parole Office, and the Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic. However, too many regular stops or too large of an area to cover decreases time efficiency, taking too long to cover the complete route. If someone needed to be picked up along the route  other than at a regular stop, they may be able to call the Bay Transit dispatch office and the dispatcher would notify the driver of the additional stop.

These times and stops are meant to be suggestive and will be used as a point of reference for further discussion. Adjustments can be made as needed once there was time to observe the ridership and the use of the route.

Service Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 AM-2 PM

Potential Stops: 1. Dollar Tree, 2. Wal-Mart, 3. Daffodil Gardens/Food Lion Shopping Center, 4. Walter Reed Hospital, 5. County Building #3, 6. Main Street Library/Post Office Shopping Center

Times: Stop 1: 00 Minutes, Stop 2: 10 Minutes, Stop 3: 20 Minutes, Stop 4: 30 Minutes, Stop 5: 40 Minutes, Stop 6: 50 Minutes



Ken Pollock, Transit Director- 804-250-2019 ex. 102

Pat Sanders, Operations Manager- 804-250-2019 ex. 114

Larry Knight, Project Manager/Regional Supervisor- 804-693-6977



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