Brewdog Pub

Fellow Gloucestonians! THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!

Irreverent Scottish craft brewer – BrewDog – loves American BrewPubs and will be embracing these beacons of beery enlightenment by launching their very own. They currently operate more than 46 BrewDog bars globally, from Tokyo to Barcelona, and now they are bringing the very first BrewDog venues Stateside as part of Equity for Punks USA!

If 500 people invest in BrewDog USA from GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA, they will open a BrewPub HERE! Minimum investment is only $95!

“Our mission is to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. If you invest in Equity for Punks USA, and encourage your friends, family, mailman and local elementary school Principal to invest too, you can help us on our way to opening a BrewPub in your home City!”

As a little extra bonus, they will give $10 extra beer bucks to the first 500 Equity Punks in every eligible city as well as some more additional exclusive perks!

Learn more here and watch the leaderboard unfold:


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