Let’s face it: In 2012 its hard to argue with the convenience and instant gratification that are available to us thanks to technology. But despite all of the new devices at our fingertips, there are some situations where there is still no substitute for tried and true.

Your Kindle or Nook may be able to hold limitless amounts of data. Sadly it is not immune to the ravages of sand, saltwater, heat, or spilled (insert tasty vacation libation of your choice here).

if you still have a beach vacation ahead of you in 2012, there’s no substitute for the book. That’s right, b-o-o-k. They’re nifty. They won’t crush in your luggage, and I can guarantee you nobody is going to break out your car window to steal it when you leave it on the seat. If you’re like me, you want to arrive at your vacation destination with at least three or four good ones you’ve never opened before.

Twice Told Tales on Main Street has a wide selection of bestselling and used fiction and nonfiction. They even sell books by the pound on occasion. Whether you are heading to the Outer Banks, or somewhere further afield, be sure to make a pit stop on Main Street before you leave and let Nancy Halstead fill your travel library.

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