1. When and how do I get my order?
After the payment transaction is complete, the voucher can be downloaded from the confirmation screen on the website. The user also receives the voucher in the email. You may also gift the voucher by forwarding the email.

2. Do I have to print out the gift voucher?
Yes. Currently, our program will only work with a printed voucher. Please be sure you have your printed voucher in hand when completing a purchase at one of our participating businesses.

3. Can I re-print the gift voucher more than once?
Yes, this is possible as this is available in the email and in the Downloads section after you login. However, each voucher is only able to be redeemed one time.

4. How does the Downtown Dollars program work to keep Main Street moving?
Businesses that participate in the Downtown Dollars Program receive 70% of the purchase price upon the transaction. Once redeemed in store, the business owner logs in to the back end of the Downtown Dollars program and formally redeems the voucher and then is paid the remaining 30% which is underwritten by the Main Street Preservation Trust. You, as the consumer, saves 30% but the business owner does not actually give the discount. The Main Street Preservation Trust covers the discount as their investment in the transaction and ‘keeping Main Street moving’.

5. When does my Downtown Dollars gift voucher expire?
Downtown Dollars are currently set to expire at 6 months from the day you purchased.

6. May I call and place my order over the phone?
No, we are sorry. All transactions must be completed through our secure payment system online.

7.What if I close out my shopping cart and can’t find my order for my personal record?
If the purchase has been completed, you will get the order details after you login to the site and go to the downloads page. If you haven’t completed the transaction, there will be no other way to recover the cart unless it is stored in the browser session.

8. May I use more than one Downtown Dollar voucher at a time?
Yes, you may. They work exactly like “cash” but are a gift certificate. The voucher should be used in full and no cash is received as “change”. However, if you do not use your complete voucher at the time of purchase, a store can initial and write on the voucher the amount remaining to be used.

9. What happens if I try and use my Downtown Dollar voucher at a business that is included and it is rejected at that place of business?
If this happens, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to be sure this does not happen. If a voucher was not recognized by an employee, or it was not accepted because of a conflicting promotion or discount, contact us immediately at downtowndollarsgloucester@gmail.com.

10. May I return an unused Downtown Dollar voucher?
No, you may not. All sales of Downtown Dollars are final.

11. What happens if my Downtown Dollar voucher is lost or stolen?
The Downtown Dollars Program is not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers. Please take care to keep your printed vouchers in a safe place until redeemed.

12. What do I do if I have an unused Downtown Dollar voucher from a business that has closed prior to the expiration date?
Email us at downtowndollarsgloucester@gmail.com with your name, email address and the bar code number on the voucher as well as the store from which it was purchased. Once verified, we will issue a Downtown Dollars refund to your original form of payment used.

13. When my credit card processes, what will it show on my credit card statement?
When tracking your purchase on your credit card statement, you will see “Gloucester Village” as the entity from purchased.