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The weather is warming up and so is our new show! GARDENS AND FLORALS March 27th – April 29th Gloucester’s Daffodil Festival is over and what fun!! The weather is just starting to warm up, and so is our GARDENS AND FLORALS Show! FIRST FRIDAY EVENT Friday, April 7th Reception 5 to 8 pm Stewart Gallery 6655 Main Street Gloucester VA

Original Paintings… Oil, Acrylic and Watercolors: Elaine Abbott, Bob Carlson, Eleanor Cox, Mary Kathryn Dunston, Carolyn Keiter-Foronda, Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Deborah Jaouen, Jane Joyner, Joanne Limrick, Juli Schuszler, Karen Siegrist, Nadya Warthen-Gibson, Dennis Winston

“Have you ever wished you had your camera with you to capture that moment, or—and this is the big one—never appreciated a view until a building went up in front of it, or a bulldozer plowed it under? Haunted by such events, I try to capture those moments, those views, before they disappear.” Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

“My work goes beyond photo realism to depict real life closer to my ideal. My choice of color and application of paint focus this vision towards an almost searing atmosphere. I tend towards saturated colors, with carefully applied oil paint obscuring my brushstrokes and evoking the intensity of sunlight and brilliance of vintage cinema.” Juli Schuszler

“A common element in several of these series is the exploration of the effects of light, particularly as it plays upon and through water or other reflective and transparent surfaces. I am also interested in recreating a shared experience of our time and culture with the viewer.” Bob Carlson

Photography: Trotter Hardy, Carol Anne Taylor

“We are looking at a moment in time in these images; it’s not a moment for the objects pictured, let alone a moment of importance for them, but rather a moment in our own personal time, and hence important for us.” Trotter Hardy


STUDIO GLASS AND STAINED GLASS: Swannee Ericson, Norma Geddes

SCULPTURE: Hank Mook, Annegret Massey, Ron Taylor

CERAMICS: Katie Maloney Karen and Rob Podd

WALLFLOWERS by Jane Martin

“Finally it all seemed to work…The backgrounds added to the whimsical feel of the flowers, which, on their own had seemed too serious and sort of lonely. Then, too, I began to combine the flowers into bouquets of color and movement which played off the varied backgrounds. Spring bouquets of tulips and hyacinths, pale pink lilies and roses–regal, almost bridal, and summer bouquets that might have been cut from my own backyard, where a butterfly rests delicately on the coneflower” Jane Martin

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