Want to take a walk down memory lane? The Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal will be publishing two books this fall, “Hometown Album: Gloucester County…Land of the Life Worth Living” and “Hometown Album: Mathews County…Happy Homes and Fertile Farms on Smiling Waters.”

Each book will include over 130 pages of photos from the past to the present, all from Gazette-Journal files. The two books will cover a variety of memorable events such as scenes from Hurricane Isabel, the destruction of Page Middle School to its rebuilding, the old Lee-Jackson school and much, much more.

The Gazette-Journal is also including signatures in the Hometown Albums so generations to come can see those who have had a vested interest in their hometown communities. Signatures for either book are $1 per name ($2 if the name is included in both books). Representatives will be available collecting signatures at various community events. Those wishing to sign are also welcome to stop by either the Gloucester office or the Mathews branch of the Gazette-Journal during regular business hours.
The books will be offered in hardcover with a dust jacket and in softcover. Prices prior to Oct. 15 will be $21.06 for softcover and $26.33 for hardcover (including tax). After Oct. 15, prices will increase by $5.

For more information or to place an order online, visit or call the Gazette-Journal at 804-693-3101.

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