The Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic is pleased to have been included in the 757 Give Local Fundraising Event to be held from Noon on May 5th, till Noon on May 7th 2015. This is a wonderful opportunity for participating nonprofits to not only receive much needed unrestricted funds but to also seek new supporters who are perhaps unfamiliar with our organization and mission. Donations may be made on line or in person at Langley Federal Credit Union facilities. Incentive prizes will also be awarded to enhance the amount a non-profit can receive.

Many non-profits obtain a large percentage of their financial support from grants that fund staff and costs for specific programs but provide little or no money for day to day expenses, such as utilities, building up keep, or paper products.  757 funds are deemed unrestricted and therefore can be used for these very necessary items.  Please go to to find out more about this event and to the GMCC website, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more about the Clinic. Your support makes a difference; without you there would be no clinic.

Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic

Pictured above: All GMCC Employees: Susan Barry-In-Person Assister; Judy Bucher- Data Manager Coordinator; Arleigh Pogue- TPC On-Site Caseworker; Donna Doucette- Director of Administrative Services; Janet Gomez- Director of Volunteer Resources

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