CEO of Proximo Marketing Strategies Courtney Riley always knew she had a creative spirit, but what she didn’t have was a desire to become an entrepreneur. Having been raised by two serial entrepreneurs – both owners of building, construction and real estate companies – Courtney got the full view of what it really means to own your own business from a young age and she wanted no part of it! She wanted structure and stability and believed that business ownership was simply too uncertain with all its ups and downs. So, she went to college to pursue a career in criminal justice.
While in college, she worked in a busy dental office, quickly moving from administrative support to their marketing lead after having shown a talent for it. What started as a way to pay the bills while taking classes soon became a full-time gig that would launch her unexpected career in the Marketing industry.
“I didn’t choose marketing,” Courtney says. “It’s cliche, I know, but it definitely chose me, and thank God it did, because I couldn’t imagine life any other way.”
Clients at Proximo Marketing Strategies can expect a full-service experience, with a team of experts who specialize in strategy, social media, content writing, website development, brand design, video production, photography and public relations. It is truly a “one-stop-shop.”
“Of course, our aim is to provide superior marketing solutions to our clients,” Courtney says of Proximo. “But really, we’re just a team of hard-workers who recognize the signs of burnout and overload in others and we just want to help. Trying to run a business while also having some semblance of a personal life is impossible if you don’t ask for help.”
Courtney knows a little something about balancing a thriving business with family life as a wife to husband, Matt, and a proud mother of a teen and a toddler.
“Business ownership isn’t everything,” she says. “You’ve got to really show up in your life, too. Be present with those you love, take time for self-care and quit trying to be a superhero. Drop the cape, ask for help and watch how your business soars.”
We are grateful that Courtney shows up for us and serves on the Gloucester Main Street Association Board…. her knowledge, can-do attitude and expertise has been invaluable!


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