On-site Chair massage for your staff!
Employers, have you considered thanking your staff this season for their dedicated work with the gift of massage? This 10-30 minute employee benefit could be a yearly gift, a monthly bonus or a kind addition to your employee appreciation party or Christmas gathering.

Benefits for the Employer
 Increases morale
 Reduces stress
 Makes employees feel valued
 Creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty
 Reduces sick time and absenteeism
 Reduces the high cost of employee turnover
 Helps attract top talent to the company
 Increases accuracy and creative thinking
 Decreases workplace injuries

Benefits for the Employee
 Lowers anxiety
 Increases circulation
 Boosts immune system
 Lowers blood pressure
 Relieves muscle pains and headaches
 Decreases stress
 Improves sleep quality
 Generates more flexibility

After a chair massage, your staff will feel energized, rejuvenated, valued and relaxed. It can work wonders for your body, your mental state and your sense of well-being and happiness.

1 Practitioner

2 hours $140

12 people for 10 minutes each/8 people for 15 minutes each/6 people for 20 minutes each/4 people for 30 minutes each

3 hours $210

17 people for 10 minutes each/11 people for 15 minutes each/8 people for 20 minutes each/5 people for 30 minutes each

4 hours $280

23 people for 10 minutes each/15 people for 15 minutes each/11 people for 20 minutes each/7 people for 30 minutes each

2 Practitioners

2 hours $280

24 people for 10 minutes each/16 people for 15 minutes each/12 people for 20 minutes each/8 people for 30 minutes each

3 hours $420

34 people for 10 minutes each/22 people for 15 minutes each/16 people for 20 minutes each/10 people for 30 minutes each

4 hours $560

46 people for 10 minutes each/30 people for 15 minutes each/22 people for 20 minutes each/14 people for 30 minutes each

We look forward to seeing you on location!
Ginger Platsis, CMT

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