Good Life Kitchen

Family Friday Meal Deal: Herb Roasted Rotisserie Chicken, roasted potatoes, and your choice of a veggie or salad for 12.00! Healthy and delicious! GLK is open til 6 and chickens will be ready by 4. Call yours in at 804.684.8480 or order and pay online at

Freezer Meal Workshop: Monday, March 27 – Make time for what’s important by preparing 35 dinner meals in 2 hours at our Gourmet Freezer Meal Workshop. Save time, money, stress and waste as we assemble 7 nights of healthy, easy to prepare meals that you take home and freeze for when you want them!

GLK Kids Culinary Academy: Saturday mornings from 830 til 1030. Each week is a different theme that incorporates technique, ingredients and skill. $30.00 per class.

Kids Culinary Camp: April 3-7 from 8:30 til 10:30 and again from 3-5. It is $150 for the week and culminates in a showcase dinner for the families at 5:30 that Friday

March Hot Lunch Specials: 

Monday: Not your Mama’s Meatloaf, Mashed and a veggie

Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie and garden salad

Wednesday: Jambalaya with garden salad

Thursday: Irish Beef Stew with Soda Bread

Friday: Wild Salmon Nicoise Phone 804.684.8480 Fax 804.684.8480
6558 Main Street Gloucester VA 23061
(In the back of the Morgan Building on the corner of Martin and Main St)

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