New Teen Mentoring Program at Gloucester Arts on Main.

GAMi mentoring

Teenage artists will be paired with mentors based on their medium of choice. In addition to one-on-one meetings between the mentor and teen, biweekly or monthly critique sessions within the medium would bring together the mentors, teens, and other local artists. These meetings would serve to review student artwork, share ideas and inspirations, and provide challenging assignments to teens, in order to help develop and intensify the student artwork. To record inspirations and various projects, teens would be strongly encouraged to keep a sketchbook or to utilize art journaling. Through these methods, student progress could be recorded and easily shared with others (by choice). Art journals and sketchbooks would also serve as personal outlets for creativity and practice.

Are you a teen who wants to improve and develop your artwork?

Are you an artist with a lot to offer?

Call us and join our program!

This program is generously funded by the Seay Foundation.

For more information about the Teen Mentoring Program at GAMi, please contact the gallery at (804)824-9464 or visit their website




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