Even history buffs might not know the name Hercules Mulligan. Learning about him is one reason to step into Patriots Grill, located on the right as you drive toward Gloucester Village from Route 17. A few others include . . . The famous Fish and Chips. Southern belle fries with pulled pork on top. Yummy … Continue reading “Irish Flair Part of Patriots Grill Charm”

Homebuyers are generally excited about all that makes their new place special, whether it be the master bedroom with a view, a state-of-the-art kitchen or ample yard space. Before moving in, you have to close, a coordinated document-signing process full of details that The Closing Shop LLC, oversees with TLC. Bonnie Stainback owns the Gloucester-based … Continue reading “Final Steps of Homebuying Made Easy at The Closing Shop”

Coffee’s free all day. Breakfast at noon isn’t a problem. Nearly all the food is made from scratch. Those are some of the reasons why The Courthouse Restaurant, owned by Doug and Kim Hibbs, is an institution in Gloucester Village. As satisfying as the omelets are and as requested as Doug’s broccoli and cheddar soup … Continue reading “Serving the Community with Free Coffee and More at The Courthouse Restaurant”

Not real estate. That was not the direction ReNaye Dame planned for her future. Every trip to the grocery store took forever when she was a kid because her mother, Betty Dame, was a real estate agent who always found multiple folks to chat with in the aisles. When it was time for family vacation, … Continue reading ““I wouldn’t move my business from Main Street for anything.””

Customers walk into Southern States Gloucester with dead plants and baggies of bugs. “Why is this plant dying?” “What kind of bug is this?” The questions haven’t stopped for 60 years. “What’s wrong with my soil?” “What can I do about squirrels in my attic?” Middlesex County native Candace Lawson is chief problem-solver with the … Continue reading “Southern States Gloucester still solving farm, garden problems 60 years later”


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