Delivering Your Message” with Beth Gibson and Stephanie Heinatz

Join us for the second of FOUR Quarterly Business Breakfast Sessions with the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Gloucester County Economic Development Authority.

“Delivering your message effectively” can boost your business – and your credibility as an expert. In this interactive class, you’ll learn about the power of personal branding – how to use everyday conversations, meetings, and speaking opportunities, — as well as various types of media, — to attract and retain clients. Enhance your success by being prepared for different speaking opportunities – whether it’s sharing your ideas with a small group, or giving a formal presentation.

Chick-fil-A of Gloucester, VA

6780 Waltons Lane, Gloucester, VA

Breakfast begins at 8:00 am and the fee is $12 per person.

Beth Pedison Gibson brings us more than 25 years of communications experience from the public and private sectors, including serving in the White House for President George W. and Mrs. Laura Bush. Before working in Washington, D.C., Beth was a communications leader at several large companies in Dallas. Today, she does communications work for clients, in particular for her husband Ken’s law firm, Gibson Singleton Virginia Injury Attorneys.
Stephanie Heinatz, owner of Consociate Media, has always believed that stories are the most powerful way to reach people and inspire change — Whether working on assignment in her own hometown, in remote areas of East Africa or war-torn Iraq, or as a Strategic Communications and Media Training Consultant for the U.S. Defense Department. Stephanie brings that same strategy to Consociate Media, where she specializes in working with business owners to tell their stories across a wide range of new and traditional media. In a communications world where content is king, having fresh, unique and relevant content should be at the heart of all storytelling. But it’s also helping your business – your dream – develop an overarching strategy to connect to that larger audience.

Quarterly Business Breakfast

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