Tidewater Performance, Gloucester welcomes Performance Coach, Tiffany Owen! Tiffany is new to Gloucester, but is a Tidewater Performance veteran. She has been training clients at our Newport News location! Tiffany received her degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University, Bloomington, majoring as a Health and Fitness Specialist. She is diversely certified (NSCA CSCS, ACE CPT, NOFFS, and FMS). Tiffany has worked as a Personal Trainer while in college, a Health and Fitness Specialist at Langley Air Force Base, and Fitness Specialist at the Joint Forces Staff College. Call today to schedule a consultation with Tiffany!

Tidewater Performance

About Tidewater Performance: The Tidewater Performance Center offers state-of-the-art trainer-led LIFE (fitness), WORK and SPORTS performance services. TRAINER-LED is the key. Overwhelming evidence supports trainer-led programs. Competent trainers markedly improve compliance with exercise programs and ultimately long-term results.

Let’s face it. It’s all about the WHO.

Tidewater’s team of trainers are degreed and diversely certified experienced fitness and sports performance experts. Studies show that the majority of personal fitness trainers do not have college degrees. The education and certifications of Tidewater’s trainers are key. They are committed to fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all ages. Not only do they know how to train you, but they also know how the body works. They will work you to your highest level of safe intensity. The Performance Center and its trainers are co-located with the Tidewater Physical Therapy, Inc. Oyster Point Clinic. Therapists and athletic trainers are on hand and available to every Performance client. Pain free first…then performance!

Why Tidewater programs? Every program is trainer-led and highly personalized – from one-on-one training to group fitness.

Tidewater is proud to offer fitness and sports performance services that range from 1:1 personal training, 2-3:1 semi-private training and 3-12:1 group training. What does this mean to you? No matter what trainer-led program you participate in, you will receive personalized attention. You’ll learn proper form. You’ll participate in the activities you love. You’ll get off the treadmill and in on a training experience like no other in Hampton Roads. Athletes of all ages will explode, accelerate and become more agile. Fitness enthusiasts will realize just how much they can do and be inspired to set new goals!

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