So we have a blog now.  Yay.  You’re only five years late, some will say. In 2012 it’s safe to say no one is going to applaud our tech saavy ways or hail us as the cutting edge marketing and publicity machine that we aren’t.  Nevertheless, there are a few very good reasons we have chosen to jump on the blog bandwagon.

Blogs, like websites before them, are simply the most affordable and effective way to broadcast your message to the largest number of people.  However, unlike websites, blogs allow their readers and followers to get that information from people.  You get to know the authors and their voices.   Next time you are on Amazon or Ebay, listen closely.  If you hear voices, then they were in your head already.

Because we at the GMSA believe strongly in our own message to support, preserve, and enhance Main Street, we have high hopes that Main Street Live will become the type of community outlet where anyone who ever wanted to know anything about what’s happening in Gloucester Courthouse/Village (after extensive study the scientists still cannot determine which we are) will be able to go and find that information.  It won’t come from some sort of computerized tourist kiosk, but from real people who live and work in our community every day.  Look for us to offer content on local events and news, prominent and new faces and businesses in the community, and occasionally wild, scandalous, and completely unsubstantiated rumors, gossip, and innuendo.  Ok we probably won’t do that, but what small Southern town would be complete without it?

We are going to write as often as we can (there’s nothing worse than a stale blog), so we hope you will read.  We will try to have new entries for you several times a week, and if you have a topic you believe we should cover please feel free to let us know.  This doesn’t mean we want to know about the garage sale you’re having on Duval Avenue.  Unless you have lots of those little cat figurines….

Welcome to Main Street Live, we look forward to hearing from you, and bringing you the latest updates on the many exciting things that are happening downtown!

Mac Houtz

President, Gloucester Main Street Association

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